Our coffees originate from Guatemala, with our flagship Highlands Blend being a medium roast from the Nuevo Oriente region near Esquipulas, Guatemala. All our coffees are roasted, packaged and delivered farm-fresh by Don Amado from Finca el Cascajal.
The process of getting our coffee all starts in the mountains outside of Esquipulas, on Finca el Cascajal. The farm is located at an altitude of between 1300-1600m (4200-5300 feet) in the Nuevo Oriente coffee growing region. These beans yield a well balanced and full-bodied coffee with a slightly chocolaty flavor.
Amado started his farm back in 1992 and has been expanding his operations since then. Today, the farm employees 1600 full-time employees, most working long days in the fields to hand pick beans (from December to March), sort them and provide general care for the farm. These employees live on the farm the better part of the year, and to accommodate their needs, Amado provides his sleeping quarters, bathrooms, kitchens supplying as much food as the employees care to eat (not a daily ration that is common on many farms), a school for the children which also supports a local village, first aid stations and covered pavilions for afternoon resting from the heat of the day.
The farm also exhibits numerous physical traits that distinguish it from others in the area. The grounds are well manicured and taken care of by a group of dedicated landscapers. Trees are not removed and in fact, the coffee bushes are planted in between trees to retain as much of the natural beauty of the area as possible. Amado has also set aside the highest peak as a nature conservancy where no agricultural products are grown.
Although teeming with fruit trees (mangoes, bananas), these are not harvested for income. Instead they are left for the birds and employees to consume. It is not uncommon to see a family that is walking from the fields, to be carrying a large cluster of bananas to take back for dinner.
The care for both his employees and the land which he farms has resulted in the implementation of numerous sustainable farming practices that has allowed his coffee to be both UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certified. You can be certain that not only are your beans grown by local farmers, but by farmers that promote sustainability.

At Social Grounds Coffee, we partner with the best providers to ensure that you get the best, hand picked coffee in the world!


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